Rare, exceptionally beautiful Cape York meteorite
Welcome to Aesthetic Meteorites' Cape York Meteorite page. The Cape York meteorite is one of the most famous of all Meteorites. It was first discovered (by Westerners) off of Greenland's Cape York by Admiral Robert E. Peary in 1894. For Centuries prior to Admiral Peary's discovery, the Native Inuit people of Greenland had used the Cape York as a resource for their tools and weapons. By the time of Peary's discovery, the Inuit had started trading for iron from explorers, and they allowed Admiral Peary to remove (with considerable difficulty) the three enormous Cape York meteorites; Ahnighito (the Tent) which weighed 31 tons, the "woman" which weighed 2.5 tons, and the "dog" which weighed 1000 pounds. These three enormous meteorites were sold to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, which is where they still reside today. In subsequent years several other masses have been found including "Agpalilik" which weighs 15 tons and is thought to be the "man" of native legend. Cape York is classified as a IIIA medium octahedrite. We are offering several rare specimens from "Agpalilik" below. Each of these specimens has been expertly prepared and etched on one side to reveal their beautiful, brilliant Widmanstatten patterns. Please click on the links below to view the available selection.
Rare Cape York Meteorite
Superb 117g Cape York Meteorite
Rare Cape York Meteorite
Exquisite 60g Cape York Meteorite SOLD!
Rare Cape York Meteorite

Lovely 32g Cape York Meteorite SOLD!


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